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By the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on № 886 from 2.07.2020 "Scientific and technical bulletin of the Institute of Animal Science NAAS" is included in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine in the specialty "204 -agricultural sciences". The publication was assigned by category "B" (number 228 in the list).
Certificate of state registration: series КВ № 21410-11210ПР dated 25.06.2015.
The Scientific and Technical Bulletin covers the results of the different areas of agricultural production researches. Designed for scientists and agricultural professionals.
The Scientific and Technical Bulletin (STB) of the Institute of Animal Science of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine is included in the scientific-metric database - Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RIC) (license agreement № 649-10 / 2013 of October 23, 2013). The STB archive has been published in the RINC archive since 2010 (№ 102-112).

Editorial policy of the journal

Established in 1932, the professional journal "Scientific and Technical Bulletin" of the Institute of Animal Science of the NAAS (hereinafter referred to as the Journal) publishes exclusive articles in mixed languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English), which have not been previously published, thus creating a platform for the promotion of scientific knowledge and activation creative discussions between representatives of different scientific schools in the field of agro-industrial production.
The journal office supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), which aims at free distribution of animal science research, which promotes the development of science and integration of scientists into the international academic space. The journal office is actively working to include the publication in the international electronic libraries, catalogs and scientometric databases, to involve leading Ukrainian and international scientists to the procedure of articles reviewing.

The goal of the journal

The aim of the journal is publishing the results of fundamental and applied research, providing further its coordination and actualization. The journal is focused on covering a wide range of issues related to the development of the livestock industry, facilitating the coordination of scientific thought and the interaction of well-known scientists and young scientists.
The journal "Science and Technology Bulletin» publishes research, review articles and discussion materials on livestock production technology, feeding, keeping, genetics, breeding, and animal reproduction, and ensuring the quality of livestock products.
The publications at the Bulletin are for scientists, graduate students, university teachers and specialists in this field of study.
The first element of the journal's architectonics is a detailed summary of each article in three languages, containing an aggregate description of the main achievements and specific research results of the author(s) highlighted in the article. Further, in order to ensure access of the world scientific community to the author's development (s), this abstract, together with the full text of the printed article, is posted on the Institute's web site and provided to external bibliographic and abstract databases. The editorial staff is constantly working to ensure that the journal is represented in the leading libraries of Ukraine and the world.
The copyright of the printed materials is left to the authors. The author is responsible for the content of the printed article and the accuracy of the presented results and calculations.

Methodological, practical and research objectives of the journal:

  • ensuring productive dialogue between scientists;
  • helping scientists to disseminate their expertise and ideas to representatives of agro-industrial production;
  • publicizing the results of innovative fundamental and applied research that contributes to the development of knowledge on animal husbandry, as well as to improving the performance of livestock enterprises productions;
  • solving problems focused on the rational use of nature and improving the quality of livestock products.

Review procedure and editorial ethics

Ethical Commitments to Editors

  1. The members of the editorial board are responsible for deciding on the publication of a scientific article based on the principles of credibility and scientific value.
  2. Editors are responsible for compliance with the requirements and recommendations of the scientific article.
  3. Editors have the right to consult with reviewers in making a final decision on the publication of the article.
  4. The editorial board should not unnecessarily disclose information about accepted manuscripts to all persons, except for authors, reviewers, possible reviewers, and other scientific consultants.
  5. The editor must, without prejudice, review all manuscripts submitted for publication, evaluating each in a proper manner, regardless of racial, religious, national and any other affiliation, and the position or place of work of the author (authors).
  6. The sole responsibility for accepting or rejecting the manuscript rests with the editor. A responsible and balanced approach implies that the editor takes into account the reviewer's recommendation of the quality and reliability of the submitted for publication manuscript. However, manuscripts can be rejected without review if the editor decides that its do not fit the profile of this publication.
  7. Unpublished data obtained by the editorial board in the manuscripts submitted for review, as well as information or ideas obtained during the review, are kept confidential.
  8. After a positive decision by the editor, the article will published in a journal and published on the relevant electronic resources of the institution.
  9. The responsibility and rights of the journal editor in respect of any submitted manuscript, authored by the editor himself, should be delegate to any member of the editorial board.
  10. If there is convincing evidence that the main content or conclusions of a published in the journal article are in error, the editor should facilitate the publication of a corresponding message in next issue, indicating this error and, if possible, correcting it. This message may be write by the person who detected the error or by an independent author.
  11. The editorial board is not responsible to authors and / or third persons and organizations for any possible damage caused by the publication of the article. The editorial board has the right to remove an article that has already published if the publication of the article violates someone's rights or generally accepted norms of scientific ethics. The editorial board shall inform the author of submitted article, the recommending person and the organization where the work was performed about the fact of the article deletion.

Ethical Commitments to Authors

  1. Provide accurate results of the completed work, as well as objective discussion of the importance of the study.
  2. Authors may be asked for raw data related to the manuscript for review by the editorial board.
  3. Authors should make sure that the original work has been submitting and, in the case of other authors' works, or references, must provide appropriate bibliographic references.
  4. The author should cite those publications that have had a decisive influence on the work, as well as those that can quickly acquaint the reader with earlier works that are important to understanding this study. With the exception of reviews, references not directly related to this message should be minimized.
  5. The author should not publish a manuscript with the same research more than one journal. Submission of the same manuscript at the same time more than one journal is an unethical and unacceptable.
  6. The authors of the publication can serve only persons who have made significant contribution to the implementation of the study.
  7. The authors of articles have full responsibility for the content of the articles.
  8. The author shall finalize article according to the comments of reviewers or the editorial board.

Ethical Commitments to Reviewers

  1. Reviewing helps the Editor decide on a publication of articles, and can help the author improve the quality of the article.
  2. If the selected reviewer is not sure that his or her qualification is relevant to the level of research presented in the manuscript, he / she should inform about it.
  3. Reviewers should not be involved in the review of manuscripts in the event of conflicts of interest due to competitive, collaborative, and other interactions and relationships with any of the authors of submitted article.
  4. Reviewer should respect the intellectual independence of the authors.
  5. Each manuscript received for review should be treated as a confidential document. This work cannot opened and discussed with any person who does not have the authority. The exception is when a reviewer needs someone's special advice.
  6. Reviewers should adequately explain and reason their opinions so that editors and authors can understand what their comments are based on.
  7. The reviewer should note any instances of insufficient citation by the authors of the articles of other scientists directly related to the peer-reviewed work.
  8. The reviewer must provide feedback in a timely manner.
  9. Unpublished data obtained from submitted manuscripts for review not using in personal research or references without the written consent of the author. The information or ideas received during the review and related to the potential benefits should be kept confidential and not used for personal gain.

The procedure for designing and submitting an article

All submitted articles has been reviewing. The review procedure is focuses on the most objective evaluation of the content of the scientific article, determining its compliance with the requirements of the journal and provides a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the article. Scientifically valuable articles in agricultural science and educational tasks accepted for publication.

  1. The author submits an article that meets the requirements of the journal.
  2. The article is accompanied by the official list of the institution and the copyright transfer agreement (to be completed by each author / co-author separately with a mandatory original signature), which is sent by e-mail or submitted personally by the author. Without copyright transfer agreement, the manuscript is not considered. The sample download here. In case of refusal to publish the article, the agreement automatically expires.
  3. Checking the article for antiplagiate. All submitted articles are determine by the degree of uniqueness using the appropriate software.
  4. All submitted manuscripts are forward to the reviewers at research profile by Editor-in-Chief’s decision. The individual articles by distinguished scientists as well as specially invited review articles may be exempted from the standard review procedure.
  5. For reviewing articles, both members of the editorial board of the scientific journal and other highly qualified specialists with deep professional knowledge and experience in a specific scientific area can involve in reviewing at the request of the editorial board.
  6. The reviewer within a maximum of 14 days conclude that the article may be printed (fill in a standardized form containing summary recommendations).
  7. Reviewing is conducted confidentially according to the principles of double-blind reviewing (neither the author nor the reviewer know about each other). The interaction between the author and the reviewers takes place through the journal's editor.
  8. If the reviewer indicates the necessity of making certain corrections to the article, the article will sent to the author with the suggestion to take into account the comments in the preparation of the updated version of the article or to substantiate them. The new version will re-submitted to the reviewer for a decision and reasoned opinion on the possibility of publication preparation.
  9. The final decision on the possibility and expediency of publication has made at a meeting of the Editorial Board.

Details for payment of articles: банк ДКСУ м. Київ, ЄДРПОУ 00497199, р/р UA 098201720313231001201004829. Payment purpose "Services for placement of articles in STB", recipient - Institute of Animal Science
Cost of the 1 page - 45 UAH.

 Archive of issues

The Scientific and Technical Bulletin of the Institute of Animal Science NAAS of Ukraine 2022, № 128


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